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Little Bonus Cheer over endowment bonuses? The IFA Defence Union shows that endowments are maturing with surpluses. Complainants are receiving compensation when there is no ACTUAL loss and in many cases they are in pocket twice over.

Standard letter of complaint to FSA regarding endowments and other with profit policies HERE

Standard Life "The Mortgage Endowment Promise" So much for that 'Promise' in 'The Mortgage Endowment Promise', raising policyholder expectations and dashing them against the walls of ineptitude? What is the definition of a 'Promise' and what is the perception of such a 'Promise' by the 'Promisee'? Yes, I know the FSA are playing silly beggars with 'realistic' accounting and ruining my own pension plan (I'm thinking of lodging a claim) but who was the fool who thought such a promise was workable in the first place??

Standard Life "Endowment Mortgages v Capital Repayment Mortgages"

Sample WP Endowment valuation from Brian Foster

Download actual Word .doc of above valuation

How the Banks sold endowments

The IFA world as we know it, SCORCHED EARTH!

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