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Insurance is about LOSS
Prove the loss.

Endowment Shortfalls?

bulletLoss can only be proved on maturity.
bulletThere is a POTENTIAL loss at maturity only.
bulletWithout a lender statement saying there is a shortfall there is no loss.
bulletInsurers are having to use current surrender values in projection letters, MVAs are NOT applied on maturity.
bulletThe Consumer's Association are encouraging people to claim compensation for performance related issues. 

Pension Misselling?

bulletHow many people wanted OUT of their pension schemes in the early 90s because of all the problems at the time?
bulletHow many of these people are ruing the day the Government forced them back into an occupational scheme that is now being wound up?
bulletWho will pay the compensation for this?


The IFA world as we know it, SCORCHED EARTH!

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Professional Compensation Claims


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