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Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS)

An organisation that offers free counselling and advice to people with credit problems, debt worries and poor credit histories from budgeting advice to debt management plans.

If you can't get through please keep trying, they are the ONLY really free service and they won't let you down.

We can find a professional adviser if you prefer for:

Adverse credit

Credit card payments

Mortgage arrears

Dealing with Bailiffs and court

Personal loans


Individual Voluntary Arrangement - IVA

Fast track - IVA

Bankruptcy - new rules

Debt help

Credit counselling

Debt recovery

Or you can try a personal service like Saverjustice www.saverjustice.com

Planning problems? Section 106 agreements, planning obligations, local occupancy, affordable housing? get them removed or discharges www.s106.co.uk


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